Hairhouse Warehouse Case Study

Hair Health & Beauty, founded by Jeannette Merks-Fischer, has fast become the largest and most dynamic South African company in the distribution of professional hair and beauty products, accessories, equipment and furniture.

The company, which has always been based in the B2B space, approached Digital Planet for an innovative solution to introduce a brand new consumer facing interface to the hair and beauty industry; Hairhouse Warehouse.

The Brief

While Hair Health & Beauty have always had great success in the B2B space, they wanted to launch a consumer facing website to the market. Hairhouse Warehouse needed to be a B2C website that was user-friendly and hosted over 5000 products. For any enterprise that wants to introduce their organisation to a new market, there are various challenges that could cause headaches. These were the challenges facing the launch of Hairhouse Warehouse:

  • This was a new market that would be starting from a zero base of customers

  • They needed a partner who would not only build the site, but provide long-term support and guidance

  • Learning what consumers wanted from the online shop

  • Providing a seamless shopping experience

  • Finding ways to categorise the 5000+ available products without making it too complicated

The objectives

Digital Planet developed a responsive online shop with various unique features aligned with the goals and objectives of the project.

With a large base and wide variety of products, the shop has various filters to help consumers choose a product, based on factors such as their concerns and the benefits they were looking for. This method gave customers the ability to narrow down the product choices based on their immediate needs. This solution ensured that customers knew exactly what they were getting when they added something to their cart. A dynamic and intuitive search was also implemented to help further with product selection.

As Hair Health & Beauty had always been business facing, it proved difficult for them to deal with a massive influx of customers, orders and interactions. Dealing with customers is very different to dealing with retailers. We provided Hairhouse Warehouse with an easy-to-navigate website, as well as a contact centre solution to back it up. This gave them the ability to completely separate their B2B and B2C offering.

Some other features implemented:

  • Order integration with Pastel Evolution

  • Lookbook banner system (User can add items to their cart directly from a promotional banner)

  • Live Online Chat

  • Product videos

  • Embedded credit card payments and one step checkout

The Results

Utilising the latest e-commerce technology and best practice principles, we designed and implemented an e-commerce solution aligned with the objectives of the business. Because this was a new sales channel and would be starting from a zero base, it was important for us to have a clear strategy on both growing and maintaining sales.

It was for this reason that a great deal of time was spent on defining and implementing a solution to drive traffic to the site. This consisted of a number of marketing initiatives such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid advertising via multiple channels, from search engines to social media and a blog based on the site.

It was also vital to ensure that the site converted the traffic to sales. Which is why various conversion optimisation strategies were implemented to convert first time buyers and encourage them to return. Implementing this strategy required a variety of software and skills with the aim of constantly improving the conversion rates from month to month.

This included:

  • Advanced and behavioural email marketing system (Allows us to trigger campaigns and emails based on behaviour and specific needs of the customer)

  • Heat Mapping & AB Testing (Tracking and monitoring what’s working and what’s not)
    Constant data collection and interpretation to formulate campaigns and strategies

  • Average month on month increase in sales conversion rate28%
  • Average month on month sales growth34%
  • Average month on month growth in Traffic16%